खड्गप्रसाद ओली [ Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli ]
38th Prime Minister of Nepal


Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli was born on 22 February 1952[5][6] in Aathrai, Tehrathum district of eastern Nepal. Born in a humble family of Kumai Brahmin farmers, he is the eldest child of Mohan Prasad and Madhumaya Oli.[7] Oli was raised by his grandmother, Rammaya, after his mother died of smallpox when he was four.[8] He completed his primary school education in Tehrathum and later migrated to the southeastern district of Jhapa in 1962.[9] He resided mostly in Jhapa during his early political life. Oli continued his studies upto Class 10 at Himalaya Higher Secondary School in Damak, Jhapa. He appeared in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam but did not continue with further education.